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Online Videos

Streaming of online videos allows access to the videos while you are on the move 24/7. 
To view the videos, please login with your NIE Login Account.  You will be asked whether you accept the terms of use of the licensed resources; please proceed to view the videos only if you agree to accept the terms.

Alexander Street Press Online Collections

(Accessible both on- and off-campus)

Counselling and Therapy in Video
This collection offers a total of 512 hours in 500+ videos for the study of counselling theory and its applications.  Filmed footage of therapy sessions help students to understand common issues that arise during counselling.  Consultation sessions are interspersed with analysis and discussions among consultants, therapists and clients.  Well-known therapists are featured in interviews, lectures and presentations.  For details of searching, browsing, creating playlists and making clips, please see the user guide.

Education in Video 
This collection has been designed for the training and development of teachers.  It contains primary-source footage of students and teachers in actual classrooms, teaching demonstrations, lectures and documentaries.  Videos of experienced professionals in a variety of settings and circumstances provide the resources for new teachers to improve their skills, and help education faculty to relate theory to real-world examples.  At present, there are 1,300+ hours of videos spread over nearly 4,600 titles.


Angel Productions Videos

(Accessible on-campus only)

The Good Doctorate Video
This video offers advice on how doctoral students may manage their time so that they can complete their thesis on schedule.

Contents include:

  • Planning towards a distant deadline
  • Being realistic about the time and cost
  • Setting intermediate stages
  • Working with your supervisor

The Good Presentation Video
This video focuses on how students who are undertaking PhD, undergraduate or graduate programmes may improve their presentation skills.

Contents include:

  • Choosing appropriate subject matter
  • How to practise
  • Using your voice, body and technology
  • Expecting the unexpected

The Good Supervision Video
This video explains how students in all disciplines can get the best from their supervisors.  It also contains advice on how supervisors may develop their skills in supervision.

Contents include:

  • Understanding the supervisor’s role
  • Planning and making good use of supervision meetings
  • Keeping records of supervision meetings
  • Understanding the procedures of upgrading, transferring and monitoring

The Good Viva Video 
This video will help students to understand the viva and handle it well.


  • How can you prepare?
  • What are the roles of the internal and external examiners?
  • What questions should you expect?
  • What are the examiners looking for? (NTU Subscription)

(Accessible both on- and off-campus) is a collection of over 10,000 original engineering and technology videos from a range of leading engineering and technology events, lectures, seminars, conferences, interviews etc. The content, owned and developed by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), features key academic and practicing engineers, and technologists from around the world, who are specialists in their fields.

IGI Videos

(Accessible both on- and off-campus)

In response to a growing need for instructional media in academic and professional settings, IGI Global’s video lectures provide an in-depth presentation on the latest innovations, methodologies, and research findings within peer-reviewed publications and enables the viewer to have an in-depth understanding of emerging research.

news.Teach Videos

(Accessible both on- and off-campus)

Produced by the Ministry of Education, news.Teach videos highlight national issues of interest to educators and students. They serve as a useful resource on National Education. Selected episodes from 2011 onwards are available online.  When prompted to enter the network password, key in your NIE login account’s username and password. News.Teach videos are also available for loan in tape or disc format.

Please note that online access and the loan of videos are available to NIE staff and students only.  Other NIE Library members and visitors to the library may view the news.Teach videos in the library premises, and for academic and research purposes only.  They are requested to complete this form under guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. (full video collection)

(Accessible both on- and off-campus)

Do you want to broaden and deepen your therapy skills by watching the greatest therapists of our time demonstrating clinical techniques and discussing their work? This video streaming collection offers anywhere, anytime access to training videos in the fields of psychotherapy, counseling, and addiction treatment.  To find out how to turn on/off captions, download instructor's manuals, view interactive transcripts and create shareable video clips with permanent links, please refer to the user guide. Currently, there are over 400+ hours of videos spread over 280+ titles with new titles added throughout the year.




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