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Appropriate Use of Licensed Resources

  Use of electronic resources subscribed by the Library is governed by license agreements negotiated between the Library and publishers/vendors.

  These license agreements are legal binding contracts that allow staff, students and other authorised users  to access the resources for noncommercial, educational, scholarly and research purposes.

  In general, the license agreements prohibit:

  1. large-scale or systematic downloading of single or multiple copies of abstracts, tables of contents or full-text documents in print or electronic copies
  2. utilisation of software programmes or routines designed to continuously and automatically search and index the resources, such as spiders, web-crawlers and robots
  3. alteration, amendment, modification, abridgement, translation or change in any manner of the licensed materials
  4. sales and exploitation of the licensed materials for any commercial purposes
  5. publication, distribution, mounting on any electronic network, or retaining portions of the licensed materials or combining them with any other materials

  Please refer to individual license agreement provided by publishers/vendors websites for full description on the conditions of use.

Last updated: November 13, 2010  

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